Resolutions - Check-up

All of us recently started a new year. 2018! A time of new beginnings, determination, discipline and focus! As we approach the end of January, I ask you, "How are your resolutions going?"

There are times when we need encouragement to carry the baton across the finish line. If you find yourself reverting to "old ways", take today to refocus on what was your intent a few weeks ago. If you have lagged a bit or been distracted, reach down and pick up the resolution(s) again. The fact is, you can do it.

In business, it's important to evaluate things constantly. As Tony Robbins says, “When business isn’t going according to plan, and your brain keeps telling you ‘nothing is working,’ it can feel like you are a million miles away from where you want to be. But the truth is, you’re really only 2mm away.”

Isn’t that great news? And it’s true. A minor shift can make a huge difference in your trajectory. Just ask anyone at NASA. Today, the team at iWorkZone offers you the chance to discover a new road – either for yourself or those who you are considering hiring. Contact Us.
We are only 2mm away.

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