Turn Over A New Leaf

     Fall is in the air. Leaves are changing colors and creating a spectacle so grand that people venture from all over the country just to take a look at the best fall landscapes. Fall sports, sweaters, and family gatherings fill the minds of even the most casual of fall aficionados. In business however, fall is a time to enhance and solidify your operations in preparation for the coming year. Maybe it’s time for your organization to turn over a new leaf in some areas? To start, focus on any area that you spend an unbalanced amount of time and money on. For most businesses this is their hiring and talent management processes. Many companies have simply given up and accepted high levels of employee churn as their new reality. They fail to see any clear solutions to the issues so they abandon the effort to improve them.


     The issues are compounded as job seekers have access to so many tools and so much knowledge, they have simply out-paced businesses. Resume building services, recruiters, and personal coaches are assisting job seekers in getting hired, regardless of whether they will be good in the position or not. Over time, this has led to a majority of people being in jobs they are not really a fit for and are unhappy with doing. So, the result is that employees are dissatisfied at work and companies struggle with culture and productivity. There has to be a better way to provide a winning situation for employers and employees while saving time and improving efficiency in your talent management processes.


     Predictive science in the workplace has long been a topic of conversation in the business world. Thousands of service providers have surfaced over the years with personality tests, skills tests,  or cognitive assessments claiming they have the answer. The problem is that there is no scientific evidence to show that any of these measurements correlate to success in a specific job. Just because a person “can” do a job does not indicate they will be successful or happy doing it. In this sea of DISC tests and word problems, there are a precious few shining lights. Predicting success using innovative metrics and accurate algorithms is the wave of the hiring future.  It is your job to keep searching until you find the right fit.


Our suggestion is to look for a provider that includes five basic features:


  1. Innovative predictive metrics providing highly accurate results.
  2. Unlimited up-front testing of all applicants for specific jobs at specific locations.
  3. Automatic matching against unlimited custom talent patterns to replicate top performing employees.
  4. A populated database of pre-assessed job seekers.
  5. A simple understandable assessment that takes less than 20 minutes to take and produces simple, easy to read results which require no professional interpretation.


     If a provider is lacking in any of these areas, there are better options available and your company deserves only the very best. Good luck on your journey to success and we predict next year will be the best one yet.

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