The Shoes, the Suit, the Discovery

My friend assured me it was the very best of its kind – the most highly rated and sought-after suit. Marketing companies agreed. The data was in. Truly, this suit was #1 in the world.I stared at it, noticing the fine fabric, outstanding craftsmanship and could not help but agree.Next, she pulled ... Read more

Resolutions - Check-up

All of us recently started a new year. 2018! A time of new beginnings, determination, discipline and focus! As we approach the end of January, I ask you, "How are your resolutions going?"There are times when we need encouragement to carry the baton across the finish line. ... Read more

I Need More Applicants!

The battle cry of most businesses these days is, “I NEED MORE APPLICANTS”.  But why, with the increasing cost of turnover, are businesses stuck in the rut of seeking more and more applicants? One long time corporate recruiter we recently spoke to told us that companies have simply given up. ... Read more

Turn Over A New Leaf

     Fall is in the air. Leaves are changing colors and creating a spectacle so grand that people venture from all over the country just to take a look at the best fall landscapes. Fall sports, sweaters, and family gatherings fill the minds of even the most... Read more

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