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Here’s what Texas811 is: A Damage Prevention Community- In conjunction with the 1500 members who support and guide us; the excavators who depend on our services to work safely and efficiently; and the regulators - local and national - who provide the necessary legal framework, Texas811 has evolved into a total damage prevention organization. Every one of our employee team members is a damage prevention professional. An Established Texas Company-Texas811 was formed in 1984 as Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc.. During the past 30 years, we have grown to be the largest, and arguably most experienced, one call notification center in the world. An Organization of Firsts: • Texas811 was the first statewide one call notification center in Texas. Our 12 founding members had a vision of a future in which an excavator, anywhere in Texas, could make one call and have all relevant facility operators respond. Their vision is reality today.; • The first one call center nationally to exceed 1 million inbound locate requests in a year, and a few years later, 2 million; • The first one call center to sponsor the Common Ground Alliance at the Silver Level. CGA is the leading organization in an effort to reduce damages to all underground facilities in North America through shared responsibility among all stakeholders. A National One Call Presence- in addition to Texas, Texas811 provides one call services in South Dakota, West Virginia, and in the Gulf of Mexico. While we are always looking for (and finding) new opportunities, our first priority is always to serve our current customers at the highest level. An Employee-Focused Organization- Many companies say the words, but Texas811 has the employee-sponsored awards to back them up. Our employees voted us #1 Midsized Company in DFW for 2012, #17 for 2013, and #2 for the Top 100 Places to Work 2014. You can learn more about Texas811 and become part of this dynamic and effective damage prevention community by following our blog, or by taking advantage of one of our many sponsorship opportunities.


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Damage Prevention Agent Dallas, Texas
Quality Assurance Specialist Dallas, Texas
Member Services Manager (formerly Ombudsman/Member Relations Manager) Dallas, Texas
Customized Solution Team Leader Dallas, Texas