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There are lots of job sites out there that can help you find "just another job." That isn't what most people want though. According to Adeco's research, over 80% of people can't stand what they are doing for a living. In other words, they found "just another job" and they hate it!

At iWorkZone, we take a much different approach. We help you understand who you are from the inside out. Then we begin pushing jobs into your account that are scientifically matched up to who you are at your core. The 20 minute investment to set up your account, take your FIT test, and complete your profile positions you to find the "Right FIT" instead of just a job. We don't want you to have to wake up one more Monday morning and dread going to work. We want you to be happy and successful because you are doing what you love... doing what you were always meant to do.

Find your FIT and free yourself from having Just Another Job. Find your right job that you will love forever, and that you were designed to do!

Top 10 Reasons to use iWorkZone


You're busy, so we get to the point. The iWorkZone interview is focused, fast and a little funny. We aren't too serious, but our science is.


You're report is packed with personal insight about who you are (show it to your friends you'll see what we mean) and how that impacts which career, job, education or training programs you'd enjoy.

Cutting Edge

Get the latest in digital resumes. Record your introductory cover letter (it's easy, and you get to practice till you're satisfied).


iWorkZone only sends you invitations to jobs you'd probably enjoy doing. We analyze the jobs employers post; iWorkZone's mega math brain compares the results with your scores.


We don't pummel you with ads. We don't sell your name to marketing firms. You're in control of whether or not iWorkZone sends you job postings

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