Certified Nurse Aide/Direct Care Aide

Shenandoah Senior Living

Front Royal, VA 


To perform non-professional direct patient care duties under the supervision of nursing personnel and to assist in maintaining a positive physical, social, emotional and spiritual environment for the residents.

Essential Functions

Job Functions

  • Assist residents with daily bath and/or shower which may occasionally require the ability to enter a shower space with the resident. Assistance will also include dressing, grooming, dental care, bowel and bladder functions, preparation for activities within the community, reminders of medical appointments, and basic room care.
  • Provide functions as directed by supervisor including daily and ongoing records including vital signs, weight and measure residents, and observe and report presence of skin breakdowns; review care plans daily; report changes in resident conditions to supervisor; and, record all necessary charting entries and report all accidents and incidents.
  • Prepare residents for meals and snacks and perform after-meal resident care.
  • Maintain resident confidentiality; treat residents with kindness, dignity and respect; know and comply with Residents’ Rights rules; and promptly report all resident complaints, accidents and incidents to supervisor.
  • Assist as directed in proper admission, transfer and discharge of residents, inventory resident possessions and report defective equipment to administration.
  • Provide table service to residents during applicable meal periods.
  • Provide daily light housekeeping services, such as emptying trash, dusting, bed making, and other items as required in the resident apartments
  • Understand and use Standards Precautions and follow established infections control, hazardous communication and other safety rules; ensure cleanliness of assigned residents’ rooms; properly maintain and record resident restraints; and, promptly report all violations of safety and sanitation rules to supervisor.
  • Attend and participate in orientation, state required training, educational activities and staff meeting.
  • Any other tasks, assignments, projects or requests as deemed by management.


  • High School education preferred.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must read, write, speak and understand English.
  • Completion of training program for certification (CNA preferred not required).
  • Previous experience with geriatric nursing preferred.
  • Knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in administering basic first aid and resident care.
  • CPR certification.
  • Basic understanding of aseptic and sterile techniques.
  • Good physical and mental health; neat, clean, well groomed and responsible.
  • Patience, tact, enthusiasm and positive attitude toward the elderly.
  • Must have upper body strength adequate to bend, lift, shift, move, and/or assist in moving articles of more than seventy-five pounds.
  • Must be able to squat, reach, and stretch without distress. Must be able to tolerate extended periods walking, standing.