A. Marketing and Selling
1. Supports the Executive Directors to increase occupancy and maintain a waiting list for available apartments.
2. Acts as a liaison between community resources and the Executive Director.
3. Assists the Executive Director/VP of Marketing & Sales and the Vice President of Operations in the formulation of the annual advertising/marketing/selling budget.
4. Is accountable to maintain projected budget.
5. Develops and implements plans to market and sell for assigned communities.
6. In cooperation with Executive Directors of assigned communities, develops and implements marketing and selling plans, calendars and activities for the communities.
7. Develops and implements special events and activities.
8. Develops inquiries and reservations through community relationship building.
9. Closes sales with potential Residents and receives reservation checks.
10. Monitors progress of Sales Plan implementation of assigned communities.
B. Training
1. Trains and coaches individual Executive Directors in marketing skills, strategies and techniques with primary focus on sales and closing skills.
2. Conducts community/cluster/team training sessions on marketing and selling techniques.
3. Utilizes available selling and marketing resources for teaching, coaching and training.
C. Advertising
1. Develops community specific advertising strategies.
2. Reviews advertising strategies and ads for assigned communities.
D. Coordination
1. Works with the Vice President of Marketing & Sales and the Vice President of Operations to understand marketing/selling/closing needs within their communities.

1. Ability to adhere to assisted living principles.
2. Ability/willingness to perform all position responsibilities adequately.
3. Ability to communicate and work within all levels of the company while following reporting paths.
4. Ability to recognize and communicate problems appropriately.
5. Ability to relate to the public, Residents, families, staff and other professionals appropriately.
6. Ability to teach/train other effectively.
7. Ability to work flexible hours to meet requirements of the job.
8. Ability to travel.
9. Maintains car in good working order, current driver’s license and current auto insurance.
10. Ability to maintain accurate records and provides information as requested/required.

Successful experience in marketing/selling/closing sales of assisted living, housing community based care, health care, etc.