Predicting Success One Purposeful Hire At A Time


Our Mission:

iWorkZone helps job seekers, employees, students, and companies by providing our tools to predict and match the best talent to job relationships to ensure behavioral clarity, understanding, and empowerment for your team members and leadership. 

Our Science:

The foundation of our highly predictive psychometric science was born nearly 40 years ago. Since that time, our team of psychologists, led by the original creator, has refined the system into its present day form. Whether we rely on the validation studies or the amazing success stories from our clients, the accuracy of our results is undeniable. The iWorkZone difference is the proprietary metrics we measure and establish in addition to simple personality data. While there is no scientific data to show that measuring personality alone is a predictor of job success, the iWorkZone combination has proven results and provides unprecedented clarity around how someone is wired and why they act and react the way they do in work situations. This provides employers and employees with highly functional relationships that produce previously unseen efficiency and productivity, streamlines hiring, and reduces turnover. 

Our History:

Our founder had a clear vision based in helping people. This vision to help students and job seekers understand who they are so they are able to find their perfect career and help employers identify top performers and replicate that success evolved into what we are today. During his, more than 30 years, experience in the public sector work force, post-secondary education, and private consulting, he had used individual components of our system for years. The key was to develop an automated system that took advantage of all those components in one easy to use suite of tools. Once he teamed up with the best psychologists available, he assembled a team of professional trainers, coaches, and consultants with vast experience in multiple industries to reinforce the concept and saw his vision become reality.


Our early days were rooted in training and consulting as we built the automated tools. We encourage our clients to start all training, coaching, and consulting with our automated science. The clarity in understanding is highly beneficial for the personal and professional growth experience of our users and client organizations. Specifically knowing the needs of each individual employee helps management effectively direct their efforts instead of the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach. This is the iWorkZone difference and it clearly sets us apart from the competition.