Case Study

Retail Stores

120 Locations: Alaska, Arkansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Washington

Retail stores in these markets monitored use of  the iWorkZone Automated Talent Mining and Matching Tool using recommended practices for 18 months. During this period there was a reduction from interviewing 10 candidates per hire to fewer than 2. Since each interview lasts approximately 30 minutes, this was a time savings of 4 hours per position filled. This helped key managers have that time back to focus on building their business and managing their team which has a more direct impact on the bottom line.  

The turnover was reduced from as high as 35% to as low as 10%, depending on the market. All markets have experienced a reduction in turnover.  The few employees who have left the company did so due to personal family issues or to take a higher paying job in another field. The client’s opinion is that they would rather have these “top performers” for a short time than have a poisonous employee or poor performer for an extended period of time. This is because they are a FIT for their job and the company culture of their respective location. Employees who are a FIT left the organization better than they found it due to the great example they set for others.

Several District Managers expressed that there is just “something different” about the iWorkZone candidates.  One District Manager stated, “the employees hired using the FIT Assessment are more productive and seem to complement our other team members and the overall culture of our stores”.

An entry-level, hourly wage position cost this company more than $3000 in turnover costs.  On average, markets hired 10 fewer employees per year and recognized a reduction of over $30,000 in turnover costs. The annual cost for the tool in each of these markets was less than $4,000 per year.

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