Automated Talent Mining and Matching Software System



Gain Clarity

Learn how your superstar performers are wired.  You already recognize there are differences in how your top performing talent acts and our system reveals exactly what those unique identifiers are. Predictive science has shown that the identifiers our system relies on are the most accurate predictors of success on the market.

FIT Assess Your Team

Identify Top Performers

Unlimited Testing Included

Develop Custom Talent Patterns

Replicate Success

Make the first step in your talent search process the FIT Assessment and our system automatically compares each job seeker against your top performers.  When used with other traditional pre-screen methods, this creates a clear advantage for the employer and job seeker. Stop guessing.  Start Winning.

FIT Assess All Applicants First

Psychometric Matching

Generates Interview Questions

Pre-assessed Job Seeker DataBank

Produce Results

Achieve proven measurable results by predicting success for your new hires and understanding your current team.  People who are a FIT for the job are happy, productive, and successful employees. Our system creates winning situations for our employee clients and our job seekers. We love enabling success.

Interview Less And Hire Smarter

Reduce Turnover

Stabilize Culture

Increase Productivity


What To Expect


Fast, accurate, and measurable results.
Simplify the hiring process.
Drastically reduce time to hire.
Eliminate the need for large numbers of applicants.
Improve and stabilize culture with happy, long-term employees.
Empower HR Departments to consistently drive organizational success.

We Offer Solutions For Any Size Business

Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise Pricing Available


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