FIT Assessment

The Focused Interest Test (FIT) works in three ways. For the job seeker, it helps them identify what their behavioral makeup and their work-type interest makeup are related to jobs. For the hiring manager, it helps them match a top performer to the job seekers interested in their jobs. For the employer, it allows them to know how to coach and develop their employees. The FIT ensures clarity on what makes them tick and where they will fit the best. 

Nurse Retention Tool

The Nurse Retention Tool is a predictive indicator for nursing retention. It may be used for most healthcare worker applications including RN's, LVN's, LPN's and CNA's. It is designed to help you, as an employer, understand the likelihood of a nurse being retained within a given position at your healthcare facility.


The Assessment of Behavioral Characteristics reveal which characteristics define an individual. This tool will demonstrate which behavioral characteristics would be considered the primary characteristics for that person. Knowing these characteristics will help you to understand how the person will respond in business settings, under stress, and in every day interactions.


The Pro-Screen Survey is a pre-hire only survey designed to assist companies with the hiring process. It looks at general work experience, integrity, work ethic, reliability, and team skills. The Pro-Screen is also available in a "Ban The Box" compliant version known as the BTB Pro-Screen.

Employee Climate Survey

Identifies the current attitudes and values of the workforce. Discovers areas of need for targeted training. Develops specific action steps to improve in each of 9 critical areas. This is a great initial step to begin developing and growing a successful culture in any organization.


The SMARTS, or Sales Marketing and Representative Trait Survey, evaluates a person based on the key components of success in sales. It was developed based off of national research on sales success. When combined with the FIT Assessment, this survey ensures extreme accuracy in hiring and developing a successful sales team. 

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