Who Are We

We're not too serious, but our science is!!


iWorkZone is the product of 30 years experience in workforce development systems, from JTPA to WIA, combined with 16 years experience in corporate training, candidate recruitment and psychometric testing and matching. We realized there was a better way to mine the skills inventory and requirements in a region or state.

Our Business Model is simple: If we help you reduce the costs of Talent Mining, Matching and Management, you'll have money to invest in actually building your business, and we hope you partner with us in doing that. There are no ads, no trial periods and we won't sell your data. For 16 years, employers have decreased costs and increased profits from using our products, and we're confident you will, too.

Our assessments are highly validated and developed by a team of Industrial / Organizational psychologists and statisticians. Our trainings have proven track records; once you've used us for training once, you'll use us again.