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Assessment Center

Assessment Center

Have you ever hired someone who did not meet your expectations? I know, silly question, right? After all, if you have been responsible for hiring people for very long, you have likely had the same frustration that most executives have had. You have hired someone that was incredible in the interview and then let you down, maybe to the point of you wishing you had never met them, once they started working. On the other side of that, have you ever hired someone who exceeded your expectations? Chances are high that you have done both! The problem is that in following the "old system" of hiring, the Odds are not forever in your favor. The Assessment Center developed by iWorkZone increases your odds of a great hire to over 82% when you use the system properly. Take a quick walk-thru by clicking the button below.



I was talking with a client of ours that we have served for the last 8 years. He has always loved our live training for his leaders, but has found tremendous value in our e-learning as well. His world isn't slowing down and yours probably isn't either. If your business is like most, it has become increasingly hard to find the time to pull everyone together for meetings, trainings, or even for team-building activities. Because of the shift in how business is conducted, we offer multiple formats for developing the potential of your teams. iWorkZone offers live training, e-learning, and blended learning. We employe a "Stacked-Learning-Theory" model of teaching a skill, implementing that skill, then reviewing the skill and the outcomes of the new behaviors, and then stacking a new skill on top of that to enhance the outcomes. This has significantly increased the success of our clients. After all, training is only worthwhile when it produces measurably better results!


Executive Coaching

When you think about the key players on your team, can you see their potential? Do you feel that some of our stars could actually be superstars? At iWorkZone, we have been coaching key players for over two decades. Whether you need a leader to change their behaviors from those that are destructive to those that are acceptable, or you want to see your high-potentials act on their fullest potential, we have expertise in helping. Our proven system of executive coaching and development has helped to bring out the very best in countless executives. We work with CEO's and other C-Suite executives to assist in problem-solving, talent-mapping, organizational culture development, and even to be their sounding board. We can help you and your organization as well. Those who are living into their greatest potential are those that are continuously seeking the advice of a coach to help them learn, improve, and grow!

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